czwartek, 23 grudnia 2010

More updates to the widget

During past few days I published several updates to the music widget. Those updates mostly improve the widget behavior (some users complained about FCs). I also added a new widget layout with an extra 'previous' button.

The old layout is still available though - when the widget is added to the home screen, a configuration screen pops up where the user can select between the two layouts.

wtorek, 21 grudnia 2010

First update to the music widget released.

I just published an update (first one actually) to my music widget on the Android Market.

I received negative feedback (for which I am very thankful) about my widget, that it is not compatible with customized variants of the Samsung Galaxy S phone (such as Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate or Epic 4G).

This suggested that the music player application on these models is slightly different than the one on the stock SGS. Since I only own an international version of SGS, I had to download official ROMs for those variants and check the differences in the music app.

It turned out that I was right - the music player on customized devices uses a little different package names (there might be other differences but this is the only one that matters from the perspective of the music widget compatibility).

I could not test these changes so I hope they bring actual improvements and fix the incompatibility. I only tested the new revision of the widget on my stock SGS.

Please report to me any problems with the music widget, especially if the widget still does not work on Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate or Epic 4G variants.

czwartek, 16 grudnia 2010

Music Widget published on Android Market

Today I've finished the first revision of my Music Widget. It's already published on Android Market for everybody (owning an SGS) to try.

What's this all about?
- Samsung Galaxy S lacks a music widget (which would allow to control the music player), as opposed to stock Android. SGS has a kind of widget available when the phone is locked instead.
- Samsung Galaxy S has a customized music player, which is incompatible with the stock Android music player.
- The stock Android music widget (available for phones lacking it through Market under the name "MusicWidget+") is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S.

The widget is intended to fix this - it works on Samsung Galaxy S (I haven't tried other Samsung phones or tablets).

To install the widget, enter the following search phrase into the Android Market app:


and select the 'Galaxy S Music Widget' app.

The widget source code is available at:

If you have any problems with the widget (crashes or strange behavior) or would like to suggest any changes/improvements - just let me know and I'll do my best to release updates as quickly as possible.