czwartek, 16 grudnia 2010

Music Widget published on Android Market

Today I've finished the first revision of my Music Widget. It's already published on Android Market for everybody (owning an SGS) to try.

What's this all about?
- Samsung Galaxy S lacks a music widget (which would allow to control the music player), as opposed to stock Android. SGS has a kind of widget available when the phone is locked instead.
- Samsung Galaxy S has a customized music player, which is incompatible with the stock Android music player.
- The stock Android music widget (available for phones lacking it through Market under the name "MusicWidget+") is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S.

The widget is intended to fix this - it works on Samsung Galaxy S (I haven't tried other Samsung phones or tablets).

To install the widget, enter the following search phrase into the Android Market app:


and select the 'Galaxy S Music Widget' app.

The widget source code is available at:

If you have any problems with the widget (crashes or strange behavior) or would like to suggest any changes/improvements - just let me know and I'll do my best to release updates as quickly as possible.

1 komentarz:

  1. Exactly what I was looking for defaultnímu player on your desktop.
    Just missing the ability to set transparency and intensity at the entrance to the player through this widget to browse your music folder.
    Please update new version.